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The Romantic Tour Package, Kashmir Valley

The 140 kilometers long stretch of Kashmir valley. Rimmed by the high peaks of mountains and studded with alpines and orchards, which are irrigated with bowls of numerous lakes. Voted as the best destination in India. The followers of Sufi based Islamic faith Kashmiris proudly claim themselves independent minded and hospitable. The terrace carpeted with paddy fields and villages with tin-roofs. This stunningly beautiful place is wrapped with a sad political wreck since the last few decades.


The greatest drawcard of Srinagar is the mesmerizing Dal lake. The crystal-clear water reflecting the flower-filled wooden balconies of the Shikaras. The places to see around other than the very water body is the old town, the Sufi shrines and the marketplaces which resemble the designs of Central Asia. If you are an early bird you could be lucky enough to witness the floating vegetable and flower market at the Dal Lake. And if you want to gorge deep into the Dal Lake life watch the award-winning movie ‘Valley of Saints’.

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The word ‘Sonamarg’ itself means golden meadow. The sharpened peaks which might give you a brief resemblance to the scenery of Scotland from the movie ‘Sound of Music’. The chain of hotels might turn out be unimpressive compared to Srinagar yet it is a picture perfect getaway for peddlers who wish to hike and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Thajiwa Glacier.


The Gajar kids play merrily around the Nag temple, which is visible from the other end from where the the paved way starts. The two eighth century Shiva temples ruins radiates their enigmatic presence at the little hamlet of Naranag.


 Kashmiri artisans are well known for the intricacies they put into any work they do. Be it carpets, handloom, furniture or marbles. The best places to shop for dry fruits are Raghunath Bazar, Jammu or the Lalchowk, Srinagar.


The intricacies in the designs determine the price of these infamous Pashmina shawls. Buying yourself at least one Pashmina should be must-do in your ‘bucket list’ of visit India.


Gabbas, Namdas, Cotton Rugs are to name a few of the types of carpets which one can afford at a cheaper price. But the authentic hand-woven ones are difficult to trace and weight in gold bars.


Painting enthusiasts could find themselves with authentic miniatures of Basohli paintings and Buddhist imagery fabric paintings called Thangkas. All available at Main Bazaar, Leh.


Apart from being one of the biggest exporters of saffron, Kashmir valley also keep homosapiens alive and healthy with good quality and cheap in pricing dry fruits. Walnuts and cashews being one the major producers of all.

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