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Traveling is a phenomenal way to learn things, meet new people, explore, indulge in new things, and gain knowledge about different lifestyles and cultures. It’s an amazing process that involves going from one place to another but over a longer distance which makes it different from commuting.


As we all know travel is done to places that attract the crowd. So travel and tourism go hand in hand, i.e. tourism like countries’ historical monuments, architecture, legacies, cuisine, and religious places leads to traveling, people like to travel to see the diversification of many cultures in every term like religion, language, local lifestyle, etc.

Mountains and beaches are also one of the foremost and basic sites of attraction where people like to travel.

The adventure also tops the list of reasons for traveling, activities like sky diving, river rafting, bungee jumping, skiing, mountaineering, etc give a thrill just by thinking of them.

Educational trips are also a thing majorly in schools and colleges which gets a student excited and a chance for them to escape reality and have fun.

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The travel market adds a lot to the economy of the country, it is one big, extremely vast market for most countries across the globe. Traveling creates various jobs, boosts revenues, and develops a sense of cultural exchange and respect between citizens and foreigners. Though pandemic did hit the economy in every way hence through travel also. Prior to the pandemic and now with the betterment of conditions, it’s looking good again.

Money; An Aspect?

Definitely, but not on the level which people generally presume. You do need money to travel but not on a luxurious level unless you want to travel luxuriously, it’s more about the will and smart work of a person that matters. There are many ways to travel on a budget. It seems impossible to travel with little money but it is possible indeed.


Traveling does not give you just leisure and knowledge but core memories, more human connections, and connections with nature and places too. In this world where everybody is stressed, anxious, and chasing materialistic things, traveling gives you a chance for a break from stress and a chance to be healthy and happy. It is one amazing way to break your tiresome routine and try to experience life in many ways. The best thing about travel is your experience may not be that good sometimes but always will be memorable.

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